The Bloom Red Project

Together we learn, together we grow, together we bloom

About Us

We are a community project servicing the Peel Region and the Greater Toronto Area. We work tirelessly to provide menstrual products to those in need, make changes through policy and eradicate period stigma in our community through many educational campaigns.

Our Mission

Bloom Red recognizes the difference in period experiences and struggles each menstruator faces daily and hopes to bridge the gap of inequality and stigma to make for a better, safer and accepting community. The Bloom Red Project will donate period products to those in need, educate our community, and work towards making policy changes.

The Menstruation UnchARTed Contest

Menstruation UnchARTed is a collaboration between The Bloom Red Project and many other community art organizations including Ink Art Movement Mississauga, Art Helps Hearts and Together with Art. The objective of this art contest is to encourage all artists to reflect on how they perceive menstruation, period poverty or period stigma and portray it in any medium of art. By doing so, we also encourage all audience of their art to reflect on their perception of menstruation and make for a more aware community. Running from June 28th to July 11th, Menstruation UnchARTed and all those involved will showcase various submissions on social media and push viewers to consider menstruation in a different light.

Get Involved

Become an ambassador for The Bloom Red Project and get the opportunity to work in an amazing team environment and work together to fight against menstrual poverty and stigma! This round of ambassador applications will be due on the 26th of December.

Become an executive to get the chance to lead a team in fighting against menstrual poverty and stigma whilst being the force that inspires our organization and our ambassadors. Apply by Sunday the 26th of December.


1 in 4 Canadian women under the age of 25 struggle to afford menstrual products. Though something we often turn a blind eye to, period poverty and period stigma is a greatly prominent issue in Canada. Menstruation is something that's entirely natural, so why is it so stigmatized? Often times, menstruators facing poverty have to choose between using a 10 dollar bill to buy food or to buy pads and tampons.

A little money goes a long way and can have an everlasting impact on menstruators young and old. Less than 10 dollars is more than enough to support the average menstruator one entire cycle. Your contributions will be used to purchase pads and tampons to donate to shelters and those in need, and will make someone's life a lot easier.

Contact Us

Have a question or want to know more about our project? Feel free to email us and check out our social media pages!